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Monopoly Events - Reviews

For The Love Of Horror

Compliments to the organisers. Went this morning and it was awesome, cosplayers are especially great, even the walking dead greeters that nearly made me wee lol - Craig Roberts

Absolutely amazing day so far!!! - Sarah Simpson

Machete OMFG - Ben Sykes

Oh my days what can be said about ftloh...absolutely thrilling day. staff were lovely and beyong helpful. all the stalls catered to every horror need. plenty to see and do... get down there tomorrow - Gabrielle

Just want to personally thank you for a wonderful experience at your event today, very professional and friendly staff, the lady interviewing Danny Trejo was excellent as were all the guests, and a special mention to Barbara Nedeljáková who was so lovely, thank you all and see you in December for the sci fi oneDavid Walsh

Loved it. Great guests and friendly people who attended on the stalls and around the event. Would attend again if it comes back next year!  - Alan Tynan  

Brilliant event, well put together for the fans by the fans  - Simon Beaumont

Best convention evooooor. Sign me up for next year...going all out next time....thanks to all the people behind the scenes, cracking job. - Paul Taylor

Just want to personally thank you for a wonderful experience at your event today, very professional and friendly staff, the lady interviewing Danny Trejo was excellent as were all the guests, and a special mention to Barbara Nedeljáková who was so lovely, thank you all and see you in December for the sci fi one David Walsh

Horror Con was cancelled. So glad I made the decision to go. Monopoly events have organised an amazing event. I got to meet the lovely Tyler Mane, Richard Brake and Danny Trejo. I enjoyed looking at the stalls and got to see Navi, Ola Ray and zombies perform Michael Jackson's Thriller. Major highlight was Danny Trejo calling Robert Rodriguez about making Machete in Space. Well worth going to and looking forward to future events. - Claire Tonge

For the love of horror ,yesterday was amazing ,hopefully we will be going back next year can’t wait ,good atmosphere, fantastic cosplays, famous actors who played well known horror characters and amazing stalls, the scare experience was spectacular too - Chessie Gregory

An eventful day for very different reasons. My son had a major meltdown with the zombies so much so that we didn't go in, the zombies were amazing not only did they look real but they also came and comforted my son when he was upset, thank you.
Anthony one of the organisers saw how upset my son was and took us to the side entrance where we met, had photos and autographs with Tyler Mane and Danny Trejo (complete gents) thank you so much for doing this you made my boys day!!!! We will be back in December for the love of sci fi Nichola Wood

Absolutely amazing my first time I’ve ever been too one of these. Great guests so friendly lovely atmosphere and lots to do and loved meeting and having a photo with Ilona six and Tyler Mane. Hope you do it again next year  - Cara Lennon 

Comic Con Liverpool

Absolutely amazing comic was better than the past two years with MCM. I really hope that it becomes an annual event. The guests, props and set up was incredible. There was even something for the kids to do as well which I thought was great. Well done Monopoly Events. - Steven McVeigh 

Superbly organised event given the time you had to organise it. Some very good sellers with some great things to buy although some were overpriced. Arcade area was a fantastic idea and great for filling in time between activities/talks etc. Guests were amazing as were the many professional cosplayers. The q&a sessions were brilliantly organised & fun. The enthusiasm & energy of the person on the stage (Laura I think!) was fantastic & kept the audience interested. - Paul Smith

To put something like this together with limited time after the cancellation by MCM. I'm very impressed. There was a good mix of things to do and as far as indie conventions go in the UK, this is one of the bigger and better ones - Rhys Jones

We loved every minute of it my kids had the best day of their lives - Joanne Richardson

Me and my son had a great time. Was really cool to meet Lou Ferrigno. Loved the stalls, ended up spending a small fortune on mystery boxes and other collectables haha! Will be back next year for sure! Thank you - Kieran Carson

I really enjoyed it. Staff were very friendly and polite. Best con I’ve been to. Will definitely go again! A big thank you to the person who answered my queries through Facebook messenger and a big thank you to the staff member who was with Manu Bennett who saw that I was struggling with shyness and mentioned to him that I wanted to say hello. Really appreciated that - Debra Fearn

What can I say? It was brilliant start to finish I know a lot of people will compare it to mcm but I don't think that's fair as this was on a different level all together (monopoly is premier league, mcm maybe middle of the table championship league?), by the fans for the fans! The layout was brilliant. as a Cosplayer it was great to have the space around all the bigger props to have photos with people. At one point me and the other power ranger cosplayers were posing for a good 20 minutes for loads of people by the tie fighter it was great. The location of the stage was great as it was central so that everyone could see what was going on, and the announcements were brilliant, always knowing what was going on! Finally the guests, what a brilliant selection of people, if only I had more money but thank you for choosing a power ranger outside of mmpr its something you don't see enough in the UK and from the ranger cosplayers there, my self included, you can see there are loads of season to choose from so I look forward to next year and hopefully getting some more to Liverpool! - Colin Richards

I've been going to the Liverpool comicon for the last three years. For the first two years MCM handled it. and while I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 and 17 cons, and the stalls and cosplay where amazing, they were at times uncomfortably tightly packed and rather repetitive. This year, with MCM backing out I believe the event runners have genuinely put the heart back into the event. Guests where one big surprise after another and a pleasure to meet and listen too, the layout and inclusion of more models and a games section was fantastic and this year's 2018 con has been my favourite one thus far, by far. - Alex Monkhouse 

Excellent experience having the opportunity to meet some more of my favourite stars. It was an extra special honour to meet the late Verne Troyer who tragically passed away last weekend. It was the 1st time that I met Paul McGann. I met him again last weekend where he signed a special promo poster photo for Liverpool Comic Con which was given to me by Jorgito Vargas Jr from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Meeting a Power Ranger was also an experience as I'm a long-time fan. I met Amy Jo Johnson (who played Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger #1 in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers-hint, hint Liverpool Comic Con) last weekend.

The queue system was a vast improvement from the For The Love Of Sci-Fi event in Manchester. Both pre-booked tickets and cash payments had their own queue which made it easier to co-ordinate who got seen by the guests and when. The improvement in the queue system meant that I was able to obtain all of my photo opps which was an added bonus to my experience of being there.

Some of the guests were more than happy to sign my own items which I took along (blu-ray box sets which were signed by Manu Bennett, Dirk Benedict and Lou Ferrigno). Also, I took my For The Love Of Sci-Fi poster and programme to be signed by Joonas Suatamo and Jeremy Bulloch.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Liverpool Comic to any of my friends who wanted to meet their favourite stars at this event. Thank you very much for a brilliant event and I will definitely be attending next year's event. - Paul Stokes

What a great day. Amazing venue and event. Well organised. Great guests and brilliant Staff. Amazing day. Still Photography.  - Robert Ryan

For the Love of Sci-Fi

I have been to FLTLSF since it started, just been to my first northwest comic-con and must say I feel let down! You guys set the bar way too high! - Joe Bennett

You bring me stars that I have only dreamed of meeting and more. Hell I met face from the a-team & more. This time I'm meeting loads more. You guys are the best! - Mary Smith

I love that the organiser is a fan himself. He asks the people what they want and goes all out to deliver the best experience possible... and he delivers! - Harry Jackson

A brilliant family day out - absolutely awesome! We've supported this event from the start and it gets better and better! - Mo Patel

Great events, great line up and great props. Don't get this at other conventions - Aaron Barry

Just look at the line up, that’s all you need to do, it’s amazing!!! - Mandy Ralston

Absolutely awesome event! Just gets bigger and better each year. Fabulous guests, amazing props and a perfect weekend for kids of any age (I'm extremely late 20s... ok 35... and I had the time of my life!) Can't recommend this more highly for a brilliant day out. - Laura Edwards

I came down for the star wars stuff but was just so impressed with all the other themed cosplay. The ghost buster proton packs were bloody amazing.  - Rodger Quinn

The whole event was absolutely brilliant and being able to meet some of my childhood heroes was an amazing experience. The venue was great and pretty easy to find. I enjoyed listening to the music that the live orchestra played as it was from films i enjoy. I would definitely recommend anyone to attend this next year. 10 out of 10.  - Lindsey Brunt

Me and my family had a great time yesterday. A well put together event. The organisers should Be proud and hopefully this will grow and grow and get bigger and better. My 7yr old lad who is a fully trained and very excited Jedi said it was the best day ever. Even my 2 yr old lad, who was a bit wary of the 'scary monsters' enjoyed himself. So that's good enough for me.  Thanks. - Pete Massey

I really like your event, also attended last year as well. Good to see people going home with their professional photo's this year, much better idea that. I find your event very laid back which is nice. Got some great pics got to see plenty of people from films to TV. Brilliant seeing the effort people put into their costumes, really makes the event as they and all the builds you put together bring it to life! Well worth the trek over from Liverpool. Already wondering what you are dreaming up for next year! - Michael Murphy 

Just want to congratulate you guys on another fantastic event this weekend, absolutely unbelievable! I attended on the Sunday last year and met Dolph Lundgren and attended today meeting Carl weathers and Brigitte Nielsen, would like to thank you guys for making all this possible and making dreams come true for fans meeting their idols which I have now been lucky enough to do so, very surreal experience! All of the props and stalls and staff were amazing to, loved the E.T Forrest set up. As you may gather from the guests I paid to see I am a huge rocky fan and I know you will probably receive this request numerous times for the next few months but you have to do everything in your power to try and lure Mr.T over here to attend one of your events it would be class! Thanks again on an amazing event, good luck in future events and see you again soon. - Luke

It was fabulous!! We went last year and the year before and we have enjoyed each one for different reasons
You held your hands up last year and learnt a lot and it showed
We were gutted to not have as many cars there 😆BUT you cannot beat seeing your OH be so excited to meet the ET cast and show his children his childhood faves
A great job well done - Becki Marie

This was my first convention with my family and I was totally amazed by it all. My lad met his all time stars Caleb and Gaten. My little girl had a photo with every character which were all brilliant with her. I caught a glimpse of my childhood hero big Lou Ferrigno. Can’t wait for next year. Too many pics taken but my girl has picked this one. Thanks again everyone. Great work by all. Well planned. Staff very friendly but professional. Good food on offer. Big name stars. Highly recommended. - Charlie Bradley

I attended Saturday, the Stranger Things special was awesome, it was a pre Christmas treat for my daughter & friend. I can say you didn’t disappoint!! We all had a great day, no stress, fuss free queuing with tickets been check prior to entry so everything flowed. Helpful staff. We’ll definitely be coming again. Thank you for putting it all together - my personal highlight ET & Johnny 5!  - Amy Laura

First time at the show, had a total blast! Organization is top notch, apparently there were problems last year but everything went smooth this Sunday! Finally an organizer that’s actually listening to negative feedback and improve things, that itself tells it all!
And the guests were just flabbergasting! Excellent choice in bringing fresh and rare names.
Staff was respectful and always willing to help, no one was sending you away to “that guy who knows”...
I will definitely try to go back to events run by Monopoly events, keep doing the hard work guys!!! - Stephanie Godefroid.

Brilliant event today. Very much enjoyed it. Queuing system was spot on. After attending last year, I can't believe the difference. Well done Andy and everyone else involved. Have to say Jesse Ventura's Q&A was a highlight for me. What a dude - Nell Robinson

Another amazing event with some amazing stars props market stalls games room cantina bar the little one always loves these events amazing work Andy and the monopoly events team your doing amazing things in the uk with these events - Mark Brown

Absolutely amazing day and really well organised queuing system for the autographs was really well set up and didn’t have to que long to see guests thank you to all the volunteers and organisers for all your hard work it showed - Matthew Johnstone

This was my first time attending an advent ran by monopoly events! From all the conventions ive been too, this is by far the well managed and organised! was no problems getting in, loved how someone come down the que half hour before door open time, to can tickets and give stamps so you can just go straight in when doors open
Only mainly went to see Carl Weathers as a big Rocky fan, but i thoroughly enjoyed the whole event!
Will definitely be attending Liverpool comic con & other conventions held by monopoly events 👌🏻- Savvy Lloyd

Great Northern Ska Festival

Easy entry, great line up, nice to move around between stages and stalls with staff and stall holders all sharing the fun, relaxed atmosphere. Looking forward to 'The Return of the Ska Fest!' - Zoe James

We attended last years event, we travelled from Dublin for it and it was brilliant such a great line up. Highlights of the day Meeting The Skafather and The Dualers put on a brilliant show. Looking forward to another great day. - Jason Williams

Travelled last year from Germany. Good festival in a nice Location, easy to change between the Stages You always got a Hand on a Drink without waiting too Long. Looking forward to this years line-up. - Kirsty C

Fantastic day and night. Brilliant atmosphere and drinks were reasonably priced. Met some lovely die hard ska fans. We'll be back next year. - Kate Crabtree

Absolutely amazing...will be back next year. Bad manners were fantastic and UB40. Fantastic event. I danced all day and night. Thank you for all involved - Tracey Brown Deakin

Top bands. great atmosphere. reasonably priced food and drink. If its on next year i'll be there 100% - Lynn Wray

To the organisers of this event, take a massive bow. From entering to leaving in the early hours both my wife and I had a ball.
The entertainment from all acts was tremendous. UB40 were special, this was our 5th time of seeing them, but by far the best. The security we're polite, unlike other venues we have been to.Plenty of food and drink of all types. The atmosphere was unbelievable, everyone so friendly. Thank you again, can't wait for your next event. - Jim Buckley

Amazing . Couldn't have wished for a better night. Organisers friendly and helpful . Will be there next year. - Zoe Wright

Macclesfield Festival

Mint!!! Loved every minute of it, so many things to do, not my choice of music and and i still loved it. The ambiance was chilled fun and i felt safe which is the main factor for me at a festival. Food was great so many choices, im pescatairian struggled finding fish but got a lovely veggie option instead. Thank you sooo much cant wait till next year - Weave Blow

We had a wonderful day out. Fantastic seeing great bands from my youth and the variety of entertainment was great. Good variety of food stalls too, my egg allergic child had no problems. - Karla Pemberton  

I can honestly say it was THE best event I have ever attended with my children. It was extremely well organised, so much thought gone into every detail. The layout was spot on. -Maxine Harmon 

Absolutely fantastic family fun, brilliant for all ages - we ranged from 4 unto 37 and we all absolutely loved it !! Can't wait until next year already :-) - Matt O'Brien

Didn't know what to expect from macc fest at all before i went, first year going. And 100% will be there for 2019 macc fest! If you've never been, seriously you need to. I thought it would be over crowded and difficult to keep track of little ones. Its really not!!! It's all perfectly spaced out, with soooo much to do. My girls and my friends girls had the best day ever they said. The only moan mine had was that it was only on once a year lol. Shows for kids were very well organised, great interaction with the audience and got the children involved. We loved the princesses show, Mr Bloom and magician. Gutted we missed the marvel heroes. Next year I'll be better prepped and ready to stay till later on for sure. Any doubters on if it's worth it. It is!!!! 100%. Loved it. Thanks macc fest!!! - Caz Jones

Absolutely fantastic festival! We will definitely be going again next year.
The superheroes were amazing, interacting with my 3 kids for the photos, not rushed at all & so friendly. In fact all the children’s entertainers were excellent. Mr Bloom was great & the kids loved singing along with the princesses. The kids dance shows were top notch too.
All the staff there were so friendly & full of smiles.
Drinks weren’t too expensive & no long queues although it would have been easier to let us keep the lids for the water bottles we bought for the kids. Not easy juggling 3 kids, 5 drinks & food on the go as it is, never mind without the lids! This is the only small criticism though as everything else was so well organised.
Choice of Music acts was brilliant. Even more local craft/artisan food stalls next time would be good. Maybe some T-shirts of the Music artists on sale?
Everyone involved deserves such a big pat on the back for a truly fantastic day. Thank you! - Keith Whitehead

2nd year for us, and we went VIP, mainly for the loos! To be honest though, the queues were just as bad and it kicked off when ladies started using the gents! Queues for drinks were better than last year, and there was more food choice... Still think some of the kids stuff is a little expensive, especially with no cash machine (really have to watch your spending!) The Happy Mondays were fantastic, the atmosphere, all the staff, Mr Bloom.....
I think a couple of mainstream tribute bands would go down a storm and maybe a separate stage for local bands/singers?
All in all its a fab day out (we arrived about 1.30 and didn't leave til 10!) we'll be there next year! � - Karen Williams

A well planned and executed event. Plenty of things to do for all ages, the childrens
area was well thought out and a fantastic range of acts on and around the stage.

The bar was big and plenty of staff on which meant waiting for a drink was minimal. Ample toilets with only a short queue to use them.

The car parking set up was ideal and removed all traffic hold ups in the surrounding road systems.

Plenty of uniformed staff around if needed who were polite and helpful when spoken to.

The bands were varied and great. For me the highlight was the SKA foundation, heard many a good thing from others and glad I finally saw them.

Well done all involved and roll on next year - Anthony William

1st time this year and really we all really enjoyed it. Great taster for our kids to festivals. Must say it was expensive for food & drink for all 4 of us. It would of been better if we could of purchased soft drinks from other places other than the bar or at the very least been able to bring some in and snacks for the kids. - Sallyanne Windells

Our second time at this festival. Fantastic entertainment for adults and children alike. We thoroughly enjoyed the dance tents as well as the live bands. Food choice aplenty and great quality. This year, and last, the loos and the beer running out was the only downside ( I was drinking rum and dancing it off so not a deal breaker for me but surprised they hadn’t learnt from last year) Too right we will be back next year, with bells on!!! - Diane Gibbons

Amazing family day out , it was my brother and his 5yr old Daughters first ever festival day and they loved it

I took my daughter 15yr old (seasoned festival goer - first festival aged 5 Glastonbury) she brought her best friend 15yr old and her first festival and she loves it

Thanks for making it a great day. See you next year - David Dolan Davis

I attended my very first show promoted by Monopoly Events today which is known as For the Love of Sci-Fi. After attending various cons over the last 5 years I have to say this is the best experience I have had at any of them. Staff are always on hand to point you to the right direction and things are done with minimal fuss. The lineup for this event was excellent and contained a lot of first time UK signees. The sets and the props on display throughout the halls were hypnotising. Organisation was just 5* throughout and the venue was easy to navigate around once inside. For a promoter who has only been in the business since 2015 I think other events need to adopt the methods these guys use! Will be the first of many Monopoly shows I attend. Not a single bit stressful and zero aggravation. Very fan friendly and a 5* experience! - Layth Robson-Ismall

TimeQuake Steampunk Festival

A truly amazing event - really loved the edgy, post-apocalyptic side of it. There was definitely something for everyone. Thank you for an epic weekend! - Hannah Spring 

First time at a Steam Punk event. Amazing outfits and suitably dark for my tastes. Good to meet Peter Purvis, Rosie Jane and Simon Fisher-Becker who were lovely. Would be interested to see how much further you could take the exhibition. -  Peter Rowe-Blackman 

Awe inspiring concept and event with meticulous attention to detail. Amazing outfits and people too, will definitely go again! - Kathryn Williams 

The only thing wrong was that we ran out of time to see every thing. Had a fantastic day can't praise the timequake team and the bowlers centre for putting on a fabulous experience
Looking forward to next year's show already - Terry Stevens Lewing

Had a grand day out here, such a diverse and creative bunch of people people and products. I think it was brilliant event and hope that it continues to grow. - Neil Walker

Had a fabulous day at TimeQuake on Saturday. Already hoping for another one! - Debs McGowen

A groundbreaking event, introducing new genres and fusions into UK steampunk. Next time we will wrap up a bit warmer and will already know that it’s a bit further from the hotel than we expected (we didn’t do enough homework before we went - it’s pretty obvious on the map in retrospect). It was good being under a single roof and the static displays were great. The different zones worked well. I was amazed by some of the traders’ stands; they were brilliantly themed and showed off the stock so well (subject to lighting levels).W e loved the Cantina and the ambience in there on Friday night was spot-on. The Cataclysm Ball was good too. I could see the music went down well with loads of folk on their feet, ourselves included (although we baled out before the end through sheer exhaustion). We would definitely love to come again and if it misses the Easter w/e with potential family commitments that would suit us well - but you can’t please everyone all the time and we understand that. We feel very privileged to have been at TQ1, an event quite distinct from Asylum but which will surely grow year on year in the same way. - Nimrod Lancaster

Comic Con Scotland


Well done to everyone that was involved in bringing this con to Scotland. Got to meet 3 legends of the 80's that i though i never would so - Chris Kirk

A lifetime of memories made in one weekend. Fantastic event to have in our city, can’t wait for next year - Fiona Quilleti

Best Guest Line-up in Scotland ever. well organised. No Drama. Great Vendors. A Fun Event - Kevin John Green

I have been going to conventions for years but this is by far the best one ever! The staff were so friendly and helpful. Everything ran very smoothly it was so organised. The venue was laid out well. The stalls were amazing and the guests were too! Thanks for one of my best days EVER - Kim Richardson

What a fantastic weekend! So well organised, excellent staff, legendary stars, perfect location. Hopefully it will be held again next year 🤞🏻 highly recommended! - John Coupland

I was there for Saturday only due to having to travel home for work on Monday and lived 190 miles away however the event was well organised and the staff were friendly.the scouse lady doing photo admission was lovely and incredibly friendly and helpful. an event which was a joy to attend in Edinburgh. - Kathy Smith

Absolutely fantastic day, Organised excellent and amazing lineup of Guests, so many stalls to buy from and amazing efforts from all the Cosplayers costumes and makeup. The atmosphere was so exciting, happy and friendly everyone joining in the fun and getting pictures with everyone.

5 stars from us and looking forward to many many more. - Andrew Greig

The whole event was amazing. A totally unforgettable experience, full credit to the organisers for what was, for me, a well run and well organised weekend of fun and amazing memories that I will treasure for a long time to come. Bravo! - Andrew Rennie

I've been going to these types of events for a couple of years and I've got to say that this was the best organised one I've attended.

The organisers have managed to generate a nice, relaxed, vibe. We didn't feel like cattle - the way that Collectormania makes us feel - and even the vendors were friendly and chatty.

I hope they maintain this quality next year. - Raymond Townsley

It was my first Comic Con yesterday and I was not disappointed by the experience. Loved meeting guests Sophie Aldred / Zach Galligan!!. The stalls were amazing so many interesting people who run them. Only downside was I didn't have a lot of money to buy things. Anyone who is new to Comic con like me... I would say save up your money as I ran out of money pretty fast and I couldn't do all the things I wanted to. Everyone's costumes were amazing though!, I loved Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze, Deadpool and I also saw Arnie from Terminator aswell!. The staff are so kind and with so much security you really do feel safe. - Kimberly McDonald

Saturday was brilliant. The team really took on suggestions (and moans) from the fans after Manchester last year in regards to queuing. Auto queues were spacious and well laid out. The staff couldn't have been nicer, or more helpful. They'd obviously been working hard and tirelessly to get the event running to 100%, but they were all lively and having a good time with the guests and fans.

The traders room was hot, which was to be expected with loads of people all in the room. But the lights were blindingly bright, but dimming them wouldn't have been an option as the room decor is so dark. David Hasselhoff was our main reason for coming, and he did not disappoint, so thanks for bringing him. I hope you're back next year! - Ginge McMeeking

Great time had yesterday at the event. really well organised & a fantastic selection of guests & traders. look forward to next year as I'm sure it'll be even bigger.- Geraldine Mcintee

Fantastic Saturday. Queues for early entry from about 8.40am in just after 9. The stars were all at tables. It was great to meet Sam Jones. Lovely sitting area for breakfast and lunch. Lots of trade stalls. A little bit of hanging around for photo shoots which were in afternoon. Much better for disabled than events at Corn Exchange. Need to get an official Funko stall next time - Marlon Spence

We had a fantastic visit to Comic Con with our wee family! It was a lovely atmosphere from beginning to end and it was fantastic for us to meet people we’ve been watching since we were kids 😍 Our baby boy was the youngest Ghostbuster there and certainly attracted a lot of attention - particularly from the lovely Hayley - David Hasselhoff’s wife, Lou Ferrigno, Ray Parker Jr & Dirk Benedict ❤️ Brilliant day and well worth the very reasonable ticket price! Thank you Comic Con Scotland, you made The Hillan family very happy 😄❤️ - Emma Hillian

Had a great time at comic con, big thank you to all the staff who made my mums day with her photo with David Hasselhoff just seeing my mums face was priceless. We managed to keep it secret until the last minute by banning her from watching the news and reading the newspaper. We also kept her away from where David was signing autographs so she didn’t know he was there. - Sharon Robertson

Comic Con Scotland managed to bring back old memories and create new ones at the same time. The bar was raised to a whole new level with this event. The organisation was flawless and the care to detail was second to none; they really went all out with this one. It's certainly something not to take for granted having an event like this on your doorstep, Comic Con Scotland made promises prior to the event and delivered on every one of them and surpassed my expectations. Let's hope this is the first of many big conventions here, I can't wait for the next one. Outstanding event, everyone I saw in the crowd was smiling and enjoying themselves. - Craig Lawson

Had an amazing 2 days at the event came on Saturday and met Bret Hart what an amazing man and came again today to again get an autograph off Bret and also from Dirk Benedict whole event was great from start to finish well worth the travel from Glasgow - Andy Connelly

Had an amazing day on Saturday. Well organised, a great line up of guests, friendly staff and vendors, the atmosphere in the EICC was brilliant. Huge congratulations to everyone involved in organising a fantastic event!! Really looking forward to Comic Con Scotland 2019!!!  -  Garry Dear

An absolutely fantastic event with the best line up of guests I’ve seen in Scotland. Well organised and a great selection of vendors, the overall experience was brilliant. - Bill Christie

We had a really good weekend and this has to be one of the most organised cons we’ve been to. Loved the cars & props and I would love to see Johnny 5 out again giving folk cheek! I’m really looking forward to Manchester Con in a couple of weeks time and can’t wait to see the line up next year 😃 - Clare Louise

Had a brilliant time with family today. Your hard work has definitely paid off. Really well laid out even in the trader arena. No real long wait in the queues which were well organised. See you next year for sure. Thanks again. - Brian Longmuir

We (Convention Scene UK) attend a lot of comic cons up and down the UK, so the opportunity to attend Comic Con Scotland is one we could not pass. It may have been a distance to travel but I have got to say it was fantastic! Great guest lineup, brilliant venue, the vendor selection was awesome. I especially loved the q&a sessions that ran on the Sunday. Very well organised event, and we will definitely be returning next year! - Warren Taylor

I have been going to conventions for years but this is by far the best one ever! The staff were so friendly and helpful. Everything ran very smoothly it was so organised. The venue was laid out well. The stalls were amazing and the guests were too! Thanks for one of my best days EVER -  Kim Richardson

Amazing day out!! Kids had a ball! Well organised, friendly staff, great vendors, loved the guests! Brilliant! - Sally McEwan

All of the 80s in one place... in the UK. Nuff said.

Street Hawk, Knight Rider, The Highwayman, The A-Team, Ghostbusters and late 70s with Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, - Mark J Cairns